Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nudes in Arts

Nudes in Arts..
Prologue.. Nudes have always been an integral part of arts, and yet, till today, remains a controversial subject-matter. I have long wanted to touch upon this topic, but could never figure out how best to approach it. And then an epiphany, just begin any-which-way and see how it develops. Here's getting out of the comfort zone, entering into a somewhat provocative realm of Nudes in Arts..

Nudes have been symbols of divinity, power, beauty, purity, sensuality, love, naturalism.. and also of shame, vulnerability, immorality and profanity. But predominantly nudes in arts, have been used to symbolize beauty, both earthly and sacred. Nudes adorn many public squares, parks and even churches and cemeteries.. and sometimes they spark controversy..

Here here's an attempt to explore the multidimensional topic of "Nudes in Arts", which will be in the form of a series of posts..
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- "The nude is for the artist, what love is for the poet".. [Paul Valery]..
- "The human body is first and foremost a mirror to the soul and its greatest beauty comes from that"..[Auguste Rodin]..
- "We remember that the nude is after all, the most serious of all subjects in art." [Art historian T. J. Clark]..

Images above.. [click on the link]
# The Lost Pleiade - By Randolph Rogers..
# Samson and the Lion - By Cristoforo Stati.
# Idyl - By Lorado Taft..
# Eve after the Fall - By Auguste Rodin..
# Seated Nude - Henry Matisse.
# Danae - By Titian and Workshop ..

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