Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art Loop Open: Hotel Allegro [Goddess of Funk - By Vestibulo]

The Goddess of Funk
By Vestibulo..
Art Loop Open: Hotel Allegro..

Artist Statement:
The Goddess of Funk is cast aluminum figure, finished with polychrome urethane and metallic rainbow sparkle flake. The piece is fastened to a chrome plated steel base and stands at seven feet tall, two hundred pounds. The figure’s form roots itself in the visual and poetic aesthetic of the 1970’s funk era, and more specifically from a number of album covers and posters that feature strong and beautiful valkyries of the groove. These characters inspired the design and ideology of the Goddess of Funk. This piece pays homage to these images and reflects the culmination and canonization of the funk aesthetic and its resonance in current artistic practice. Dynamically posed in step, complete with jet pack, utility belt, microphone and “Bop-Gun,” the Goddess of Funk oversees the Vestibulo universe,willing to bless any and all who are willing to receive the funk. The piece is a part of a larger, grant winning show titled Vestibulo Presents: Intergalactic Funk!. It is is a large scale multimedia installation, enacted through the synthesis of many artistic mediums all channeled through this specific aesthetic lens. The Goddess of Funk is the avatar of the Intergalactic Funk!

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