Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Becoming That Girl..

Sometimes people compliment you, without realizing it.. Probably Christine Rojeck still is not aware how happy she made me, when she said..
Ohh You are THAT girl...

Here's the backdrop..
Event: "Form in Flora" installation at the Garfield Park Conservatory..
Christine Rojek was installing her work "Reincarnation", chatting with her husband, who was helping her. And I was taking photos. Initially she ignored me, but after sometime she asked something like why was I taking the photos.. And I replied that I was trying to document the installations.
Immediately she exclaimed.. Oh you are THAT girl!
And I said... YES! THAT girl!
Both understood what it meant...
And hopefully, most in the sculpture community of Chicago would understand what it means..

I have been enjoying documenting Public Art of Chicago, for the past four years now.. but this year has been special, as I started meeting people behind the Art, the Sculptors! And the sculptor community of Chicago has been extremely good to me. Thank You All!!!

I had also attended the earlier CSI meeting at the Garfield Park, [image above] when the event "Form in Flora" was at the planning stage. I remember then Dusty Folwarczny had introduced me to the group, as someone who documents Public Art in Chicago. I already knew some artists, and some I met for the first time..

It is my endeavour to meet sculptors with Public Installations..
I have met a few artists on a one-to-one basis, in their studios..
Terrence Karpowicz, Richard Howard Hunt, Preston Jackson, Sharon Bladholm, Ruth Aizuss Migdal, Jennifer Dickson, John Adduci, Ted Sitting Crow Garner and Bob Emser..
Thank You all for your time..

And I would like to meet others..

# Form in Flora - Garfield Park Conservatory..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Various Artists....


Christine Rojek said...

It was my good fortune to surface from the “underbelly” of my sculpture, (with dirt in my hair) to find you snapping more of your fantastic photos. For the record, I really wasn’t ignoring you but I was a bit nervous after struggling with a very stubborn stripped bolt. Jyoti, you’re just great for this community. You’re sensitivity to individual works of art and composition is inspiring.

Jyoti said...

Thanks Christine!
Point well taken - you were struggling with stubborn stripped bolt and not ignoring me..

Quite honestly, I was very happy hearing your line - you're that girl!

And I think you are a superb sculptor... I liked your work a lot!