Friday, November 19, 2010

University of Chicago Campus [Construction in Space and in the Third and Fourth Dimensions - by Antoine Pevsner]

Construction in Space and in the Third and Fourth Dimensions
By Antoine Pevsner ..
Sculpted in 1959 by Russian Constructivist artist Antoine Pevsner,
the piece was installed at the Law School in 1964..
Reflective Pool was designed by Dan Kiley..
Location: University of Chicago Law School..
Laird Bell Quadrangle /1111 E. 60th Street..
The Law School building designed by Euro Saarinen..

Russian Constructivism was a movement that was active from 1913 to the 1940s. It was a movement created by the Russian avant-garde, but quickly spread to the rest of the continent. Constructivist art is committed to complete abstraction with a devotion to modernity, where themes are often geometric, experimental and rarely emotional. Objective forms carrying universal meaning were far more suitable to the movement than subjective or individualistic forms. Constructivist themes are also quite minimal, where the artwork is broken down to its most basic elements.
Ref: Russian Constructivism: Art History Archive..

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