Sunday, November 14, 2010

CSI Temporary Outdoor Exhibit at IIT - InvIITational

David Noguchi - Luminiscence..
[Luminescence - That's what my name Jyoti means, in my mother tongue Hindi..]

Ron Gard - Night in Tunisia..

Brian Monaghan - Untitled..

Ray Katz - Winter Moon..

Terrence Karpowicz - Maintaining Union..

Mike Brown - Deconstruct-Reconstruct..

Mike Baur - Immigrant..

Jason Verbeek - Three Bars..

Darrin Hallowell - Open Vessel..

CSI Temporary Exhibit at IIT: InvIITational..
Nine sculptors have their work at display at IIT..
CSI = Chicago Sculpture International..
IIT = Illinois Institute of Technology..

And here is link yo my FB Album..
CSI's IIT Outdoot Exhibit: InvIITational..

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