Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some days are better than the others..

Marshall Svendsen..

Eric W. Stephenson..

Mike Helbing..

Terrence Karpowicz..

Boyan Marinov, Terrence Karpowicz and Mike Helbing..

Added bonus was meeting up with Greta de Parry.. AND ..

.. seeing the glass-blowing process..

Some days are indeed better than others..
Started out with the intention of meeting two sculptors, Mike Helbing and Eric W. Stephenson.. and .. ended up meeting three more, Boyan Marinov, Marshall Svendsen and my old friend Terrence Karpowicz.. and to add, also met Great de Parry and saw glass-blowing process.. Images of their work will follow in the coming days..

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Anonymous said...

You are THE BEST..