Friday, January 21, 2011

Cliff Dwellers [Sculptours presents "The Nature of Things", organic sculptures by Vivian Visser...

Temporary Exhibit at Cliff Dwellers
"The Nature of Things"..
Organic Sculptures by Vivian Visser..
There is also a painting display by Jennifer Webster..
Curated by Christine Rojek of Sculptours..

Willow, Digger Cone, Steel /12x17x53 inches, [laying]

Willow, Digger Cone, Steel/ 52X15X12 inches [standing]

Wood and Raffia/ 20X7X5 inches..

Wiggle Root
Willow, Pods, Wood/ 30x16x9..

Willow and Pine Cones / 19x10x8 inches..

These small-scale sculptures are placed along the glass-windows of the 22nd flor penthouse..

There was also a stunning "New Works on Canvas" show by Jennifer Webster.. which I should cover later..

And before I started my photography, I warmed up at this beautiful fireplace..

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