Sunday, January 23, 2011

Temporary Sculptural Exhibit at Willis Tower by Mike Baur..

Temporary Exhibit at Willis Tower.. by Mike Baur..
I have very little information here.. Any information is welcome..
If I am not mistaken there are 9 sculptural pieces, five in the front lobby [S. Wacker Drive entrance] and another four in the inner lobby..
All I know is that these were installed last weekend [Jan 15/16, 2011].. Most [or all] of these pieces are fabricated at the Vector Fabricating, and our dear friend Adrian Calderon helped Mike Baur with the installation.

Blue Mast, by Mike Baur..
2009 / steel, PVC and concrete / 31"H x 23"W x 13"D..

From left.. Staff, Knight and Bow..

Staff, by Mike Baur..
2008/ steel, PVC and cast iron / 35"H x 21"W x 10"D

Knight, by Mike Baur..
2008/ Steel and concrete / 20"H x 23"W x 10"D..

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wonderlust said...

Hey Mike,
Really looks good. They ought to buy it all