Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Metal Pour [at True Form Productions..]

Woo-hoo! Finally I saw Metal Pour!!!
Loved It!!! Makes me love sculptures even more...
It was small-scale, but gives a good idea of the process.. Here are some images, taken at True Form Productions. The work is carried out by Marshall Svendsen [Director, True Form Productions], helped by his brother Jarrett Svendsen and friend and fellow sculptor, Erik Stephenson..
Here's a photo-essay..

In the right side furnace, the bronze ingots are being melted. The metal begins to melt at about 1700 degree F. And in the left side kiln, the ceramic shells are being heated [ about 1100 degree F].. Soon the molten bronze will be poured into the ceramic shells..

The crucible with molten bronze..

Pouring the molten bronze into the ceramic shells..

The kiln, with ceramic shells containing molten bronze.. It is allowed to cool off..

When the ceramic shell is cool, it is taken out of the kiln..

Hammer is used to remove the ceramic shell... and inside is the bronze sculpture..

Here we have an ornate picture frame...

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