Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Blog dedicated to the Sculpture Community of Chicago..

About three-four years back, sometime in 2007, I started to photograph and document the Public Art in Chicago. I had no idea that soon it would become my passion and now I've spent hours and hours and hours on it! I have no idea what drives me to it, but I've enjoyed every bit of the process, going to remote corners just to see a sculptural piece, trying to find information, meeting with sculptors, understanding their vision, seeing sculptures being made and not to forget some quality fun time involving lunches and drinks.. Now with more than 300 sculptural pieces documented, this blog is dedicated to the Sculpture Community of Chicago.. Past, Present and Future..

Past few days I have been updating my previous posts, with more images and information entered. I have also updated the Index and List of Sculptors/Artists.. Still a lot needs to be done. But do check out..
# Index..
# Sculptors/ Artists..
And my favourite has been meeting with sculptors..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago..

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all the sculptors and artists who have welcomed me to their Studios and homes and shared their art with me. Thank You!!! Here's also a request to help me out in making it more comprehensive. A lot needs to be done. I am especially interested in outdoor Public Installations.. If you have one, please feel free to contact me.. Message me on FB, or email me or call me. Sometimes I'm a bit late at responding, but I do take note of each one of them..

Blog Stats has also been an eye-opener. The views by my FB friends is less than 10% of views from Google Search. It gives me a lot of satisfaction that the reach is much more than my friend-circle..

I end with some of my personal fav articles..
# Why I prefer sculptures over paintings..
# The Lost-Wax Process of Sculpture making.. [Documenting the making of "Bulldog and Hydrant", by Marshall Svendsen]..
# B.F. Ferguson Monument Fund... [There was hardly any information on it, and it took me a very long time making this list].
And a consistent TOP views.. is of two posts..
# AIC: Picasso's Women [& their Tragic Tales]..
# The Original Playboy Mansion..

And I Thank Jason Hawk, Eric Gushee and Salvador Dominguez for this photo!
Easily my Favourite!!! If you haven't noticed the page on the laptop is my Blog "Public Art in Chicago"..

DISCLAIMER: I am not a member of any sculpture group or organization. I am not a sculptors, nor an artist, nor a reporter with any magazine.. Documenting Public Art in Chicago is a pure hobby!!!


ART said...

in HRD should look better

Jyoti said...

Do you have images in HDR that I can see???
Personally I am not a big fan of HDR, looks too artificial to me.. I'm more into minimally processed images..