Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art Chicago, 2011 [Avenue of Sculpture by CSI members - Installation Day One]

Day ONE of the installations.. April 2, 2011..
More to come..

Cercatore.. by Ron Gard..

Five .. By Dusty Folwarczny...

Nautilus.. by Suzanne Horwitz..

Deconstruct-Reconstruct.. by Michael Brown..

Vertical Vegetation.. By Jason Verbeek..

Victor.. by Eric Steele..

It's A Mistree.. by Mike Helbing..

Goddess of Wind and Sand.. by Tom Scarff..

Die Gluckliche Hand.. By John Sauve..

Talk-Talk-Smile ... by Leslie Bruning..

From left to right..
Ron Gard, Tony Karman, Terrence Karpowicz, Ted Sitting Crow Garner, Christine Rojek and Dusty Folwarczny..

From left to right..
[Name?], Terrence Karpowicz, Michael Brown, Mike Helbing, Ron Gard, Ted Sitting Crow Garner..

As a part of Art Chicago, 2011, CSI members are installing about 24 large-scale sculptures at Merchandise Mart... Today [April 2, 2011], the first round of installation of 11 large-scale sculptures took place.. Here are some of the images..

Installation by CSI members..
Day One [April, 2, 2011] - 11 sculptures installed..
  • Ron Gard - Cercatone
  • Dusty Folwarczny - Five
  • Suzanne Horwitz - Nautilus
  • Michael Brown - Deconstruct-Reconstruct
  • Jason Verbeek - Vertical Vegetation
  • Eric Steele - Victor
  • Mike Helbing - It's A Mistree
  • Tom Scarff - Goddess of Wind and Sand
  • John Sauve - Die Gluckliche Hand
  • Leslie Bruning - Talk-Talk Smile

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