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Art Chicago, 2011 [The CSI team, at Art Chicago, 2011]

From left.. Dusty Folwarczny, Jenny Arvin, Bob Emser, Betsey Lipp, Yvette Kaiser Smith, and Kelly Ludeking..

Exhibit "Six to the Third", by CSI, at Booth #167..
Art Chicago, 2011
CSI stands for Chicago Sculpture International, a non-profit organization, an affiliate of International Sculpture Center.

The CSI, has been associated with Art Chicago, for much more than a gallery for five days of Artropolis extravaganza. They began much earlier and with "Avenue of Sculpture" outdoor exhibit, which will stay on site for about six months..

There are twenty-five sculptural pieces installed along the Orleans Street, River Drive and one on Wacker and Orleans. These installations progressed in stages, beginning on April 2, when the first set of eleven sculptures were installed..
Some images from installations..
Some images from installation process..

Dusty Folwarczny, giving final touches to John Suave's work, Die Gluckliche Hand..

From left.. Ron Gard, Tony Karman, Terrence Karpowicz, Ted Garner, Christine Rojek and Dusty Folwarczny..

Talk about team-work! Everyone was helping each-other. But three names need special mention, Ron Gard, Ted Garner, and Terrence Karpowicz, who were there for most of the installations, almost all of them.

Exhibit "Six to the Third"..
The idea was that each sculpture fits in a 6"x6"x6" box. More than 80 sculptors participated in the show. What I found very interesting was that each of these pieces was like table-top piece, with the potential of large-scale sculpture.

Betsey Lipp, helping visitors and clients at the CSI booth..

Many pieces were sold..

After all the hard work, there was time to celebrate. the wrap-up party was at Cityscape Bar, Holiday Inn, just west of Merchandise Mart..

Here's raising a toast!
YESss the CSI team ROCKS!!!

Here's beautiful Chicago cityscape from the Cityscape Bar..
Here's more images of celebration at Cityscape Bar, click here..

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