Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Art Chicago, 2011

Every year, the end of April, comes my favourite art show in Chicago, Atropolis at Merchandise Mart. Atropolis, an annual event is composed of three events..
  • Art Chicago
  • NEXT, and..
  • The International Antiques Fair
Art Chicago is the annual international fair of contemporary and modern art. NEXT is a showcase for the world’s emerging talents.. and.. The International Antiques Fair is one of the world’s best dealers in antiques and fine arts.. My main interest is Art Chicago.
Art Chicago, the annual international fair of contemporary and modern art, was at Merchandise Mart, April 29 to May 2, 2011, with Preview on April 28..
It's easy to break down the fair into..
  • Outdoor installations
  • Interior Installations, and..
  • Galleries..

Outdoor Sculptural Installation..
There are 25 outdoor sculptural installations, "Avenue of Sculpture" by members of CSI, like this sculpture, My Pi, by John Adduci. It's curated by Tony Karman..
More can be seen here, click here..

Mural by Shepard Fairey..

Sculptural installation, Invocation, by Josh Garber..
Interior Installations..
There are about 9 interior installations. These include, sculptures, murals and mixed-media. Indoor installation includes works by Jane Manus [Spellbound], Josh Garber [Invocation], Juan Angel Chavez [Listening Chambers], Shepard Fairey [Mural], Erik DeBat [Word is Bond], Rein de Lege [200 Faces], Dietrich Wegner [Black Oracle] , Glenn Wexler [G3 Photographic Vinyl Media Installation, and, Thomas Ramey [Rollin', Rollin' Rollin]..
Images of all the Interior Installations can be seen here, click here..

Now coming to main interest, the Art Galleries. There were about 100 galleries, from all over the country and a few from abroad. It included exhibitors from London, Paris, Toronto and Shanghai among others.. Within the country, there were galleries from all over the country and many from Chicago.
There were many galleries that impressed me. However, if I have to select a few name of artists, they would be Hanneke Beaumont [Contessa Gallery], Carol A. Feurman [International Sculpture Center], Ruth Bloch [Galerie Vivendi], David Robinson [Windsor Gallery] and Kevin Barrett [Evan Lurie Gallery]..

I've earlier written on..
Some galleries that compelled me to Stop! And Photograph!..





Then there were works from my favourite CSI here...

I've posted more images on some of my favourite works..


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