Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York City: Sculptures at United Nations Plaza..

General Assembly Bldg..

The flags of the UN members fly along the UN plaza in alphabetical order, with flag of Afghanistan [first member in alphabetical order] at the corner of 48th street and flag of Zimbabwe [last member in alphabetical order] flies at the corner of 42nd street..

Knotted Gun by Carl Fredrik Reutersward..
Gift of Luxembourg..
UN Visitor's Plaza..

Sfera con Sfera /Sphere within Sphere - by Arnaldo Pomodoro [1996]
Gift of Italy..
UN Visitor's Plaza..

Good Defeats Evil - by Zurab Tsereteli [1990]..
Good is represent by St. George and Evil by Dragon. The dragon's body is made up of US and Soviet missiles [American Pershing II missile and Soviet SS 20 missile]
Gift of Soviet Union..

There are many more sculptures in the UN plaza, but I could photograph only these..


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