Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Hoof Code of Equestrian Statues..

General Winfield Scott..

The Hoof Code..
I recently learned about the Hoof Code. The number of hooves lifted in the air; on an equestrian statue, reveals how the rider died. It holds true in many cases, but not always. Interesting trivia though..
  • Both forelegs raised: The person died in the battle..
  • One foot raised: The person was wounded, but survived, OR, the person died as a result of wounds sustained in a battle..
  • All four legs on the ground: The person died of other causes..

The hoof code generally holds true for Gettysburg Equestrian statues, with one exception. James Longstreet was not wounded in this battle, yet his horse has one foor raised..

Washington has more equestrian statues than any other city in the country. Here are some that confirm the hoof code..
- General Winfield Scott [All hooves on ground: Died in peace]
- General Winfield Scott Hancock [One hoof raised: wounded in battle]
- Brigadier General Count Casimir Pulaski [One hoof raised: Died of wounds suffered in a battle]
Do not confirm the hoof code..
- General Andrew Jackson [Two hooves raised: Died in peace]

General Winfield Scott..
Location: Scott Circle, 16th and Massachusetts and Rhode Island NW
All hooves on ground; died in peace.
Hoof code confirmed..

General Winfield Scott Hancock..
Location: at 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue..
One hoof raised: wounded in battle..
Hoof code confirmed..

Brigadier General Count Casimir Pulaski..
Location: Freedom Plaza..
One hoof raised: Died of wounds suffered in the Battle of Savannah.
Hoof code confirmed..

General Andrew Jackson
Location: Lafayette Park..
Two hooves raised: Died in peace..
Hoof Code not confirmed..
Sculpted in 1853 by Clark Mill, it was the first statue of a person on horseback ever cast in the United States.

While I'm at it, I checked some Chicago sculptures..
Maj. General John A Logan..
One hoof raised: Died in peace, twice wounded..
Hoof code confirmed..

General Ulysses S. Grant
All hooves on ground: Died in peace..
Hoof code confirmed..

General Philip H. Sheridan
One hoof raised: Died in peace
Hoof code not confirmed.

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