Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Washington DC [Monument to Swedish-American inventor John Ericsson]

Monument to Swedish American inventor John Ericsson..
Three standing allegoric figures representing Vision, Adventure, and Labor behind. The figures surround a Norse Tree of Life.
Sculptor: James Earle Fraser..
Location: John Ericsson Memorial is part of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. The memorial stands in West Potomac Park, near the convergence of Independence Avenue, 23rd Street, and Ohio Drive, SW.

From the official website ..
During his lifetime, John Ericsson revolutionized several facets of technology. The Swedish-born engineer-inventor is best known for his work during the Civil War when he transformed naval warfare through his design of the iron-plated USS Monitor. The movements of Ericsson’s pencil across his drafting board were as crucial to victory as the movements of Lincoln’s armies across battlefields..


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