Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kankakee Community College [Meridian IX (2011) - by Ed McCullough]

Meridian IX (2011) - by Ed McCullough

MERIDIAN IX - by Ed McCullough

Installation: August 15, 2011

Location: Kankakee Community College

The latest in the Meridian Series by Ed. I've seen two of his earlier works from the Meridian series.

Commission by the Illinois CDB Art in Architecture program.



Ed and wife Gale, sitting on Ed's latest installation, MERIDIAN IX, at Kankakee Community College. These images were taken on August 15, 2011, a beautiful summer day when the sculpture was installed.

And if I am not mistaken the last of the Meridian Series, Meridian X is being fabricated at the Vector Fabicating Inc. Very soon I might have images of this piece.

If it's all about Location, Location, Location.. then Meridian IX is very well located.

Amigos [that's the term they like to use for themselves!] 
Barry Tinsely and Ed McCullough, sweating it out with lots of laughter.

Ed surveying the installation.

Here's Ed with the Kaeb family [Jerry and Sara Kaeb and children, Anthony, Morgan and Samuel] All members of the Kaeb family, have their initials inscribed on the sculpture. For more, click here..

Anthony, Morgan and Samuel, were the best models to pose with the sculpture! Thank You!

One of my favorite images... is of two stalwart sculptors, Barry Tinsley and Ed McCullough goofing around in the post-installation celebrations at "Blues" diner at Kankakee.


Ed McCullough said...

This is really great, Jyoti. Your laser eye just doesn't miss anything, you've captured what an outdoor sculpture installation is all about. Thank you, friend.
Ed McCullough

Laurel Soper said...

I wasn't on campus for the installation, so it's wonderful to see this post. Ed, Meridian IX is a gorgeous addition to our campus.

Andrew Arvanetes said...

Hi Ed! Seeing the pictures of you, your work and KCC rings some bells for me, brings back good memories.
Congratulations, the work is as impressive as ever! And great shots Jyoti!
Hope to see you sometime soon. Take care!

Jyoti said...

Ed, Laurel and Andrew,
Thanks for leaving a comment. I sincerely appreciate your time in leaving a comment.