Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PNC Sculpture Park [Odysseus - by John Adduci]

Odysseus - by John Adduci..
Location: Bard's Pond, PNC
Purdue University North Central..

Black Tiger Swallowtail.. [Odysseus in the background]

Yellow Tiger Swallowtail.. [Odysseus in the background]

The Bard's Pond..
This is dedicated to storytellers Homer and Shakespeare, the great bards of Western literature.Homer's legendary Odysses, also known as Ulysses, pilots his raft on his long journey home. The pond also celebrates William Shakespeare, known as the Bard of Avon, for whom a garden is planted on the east side..

Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - John Adduci..


judy jacobi said...

Beautiful photos of PNC yesterday. Would love to see more.
Your other work gorgeous as well.

Jyoti said...

Thank You Judy for everything you do. It was a pleasure meeting you. I'm very impressed by everything you do.