Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chicago Riverwalk [Heart Mural - by Erik DeBat]

If you can't stop, smile as you go by..

Who knew walking along the Chicago River, I would discover a heart!
Heart Mural..
by Erik Debat
Born: 1971, Chicago, IL..
Location: South Bank of Chicago River, between LaSalle Street and Wells Street..
Presented by the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture.

The marker reads..
The Heart mural is an ongoing project of giving. It is a reminder to share love, happiness, and to be compassionate of one another. Exchaning a sunny smile, even it you can't stop to say Hello.

Artist Statement..
A multi-disciplinary approach to creating has suited me in the studio that encompasses paintings, sculptures and installations. The use of different styles and techniques has allowed me to achieve and capture significant moments of life. It has always been my motivation to make art that I like, much like a writer may chronicle their life experiences in a journal, and my work of art are symposium of my own reflection and observation..

What's up with Chicago... It's moving towards simple messages..
Walking along the Riverwalk, you see a Heart..
Walking along the State Street, a reminder, "Go Do Good"..

"Go Do Good" is by Kay Rosen, and is presented by the Loop Alliance..
click here..

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