Friday, September 23, 2011

Grand Rapids, Michigan [Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park - Part II]

By Auguste Rodin [French, 1840-1917]
Bronze, 1881, Cast before 1920.

Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park..
Perhaps the riches collection of sculptures at one place..
There are more than 50 sculptures, so I have divided them in three parts..

Standing Woman
By Ossip Zadkine [French (born Belarus) 1890-1967]
Bronze, conceived 1922, Cast before 1967.

Torso of Summer
By Aristide Maillol [French, 1861-1944]
Bronze, 1911.

The Grain
By Germaine Richier [French 1904-1959]
Bronze, 1955.

Torso of A Knight
By Jean Arp [French, 1886-1966]
Bronze, 1959.

By Marino Marini [Italian, 1901-1980]
Bronze, 1954, Cast before 1965.

Summer Dance
By Barbara Hepworth [British, 1903-1970]
Bronze, 1971.

Woman and Bird
By Joan Miro [Spanish, 1893-1983]
Painted Bronze, 1967.

Emma Sail
By Antony Caro [British, born 1924]
Steel, 1977-1984.

Working Model for Divided Oval: Butterfly
By Henry Moore [ British, 1898-1986]
Bronze, 1967; Cast 1982.

Beast XVI
By Lynn Chadwick [British 1914-2003]
Bronze, 1959.

By Alexander Liberman [American, 1912-1999]
Painted Steel, circa 1976.

For J.W
By Tony Smith [American, 1912-1980]
Bronze, 1969, Fabricated 1971.

Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park..

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