Monday, October 10, 2011

Garfield Park [Under the Golden Dome - sculptures by various members of CSI]

Under the Golden Dome...
Location: Garfield Park Fieldhouse..
This show is part of Chicago Sculpture International [CSI] partnering with the Chicago Park District [CPD] to bring more art to public places all around the city...not just downtown.
A part of Chicago Artist month [October]
There are sculptures by Terrence Karpowicz, John Sauve, Eric W. Stephenson, Ted Sitting Crow Garner and Dusty Folwarczny..

By Terrence Karpowicz..

By Eric W. Stephenson

By Dusty Folwarczny..

By Ted Sitting Crow Garner..

By John Sauve..

Garfield Park Fieldhouse..


dusty said...

Hi! Ted Sitting Crow Garner is the the piece that is missing!

The name of my piece is Pilumn :)

Jyoti said...

Thanks Dusty!

al kuhn said...

Another great post, enriching my virtual life in Chicago. Thanks for all the beauty. Best, al kuhn

Jyoti said...

Thanks Al! I appreciate your comments!