Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CTA Arts-in-Transit: Francisco Station [Carpet - by Ellen Harvey]

By Ellen Harvey
2007, Mosaic of hand-cut marble
Location: CTA Station: Francisco [Brown Line]
Under the CTA Arts-in-Transit program,
where CTA stands for Chicago Transit Authority..

From the CTA Arts-in-Transit Program website..
Artist Ellen Harvey’s mosaic transforms an ordinary pathway into the image of an oriental carpet, a symbol of artistic and cultural exchange befitting the culturally diverse community surrounding the Francisco station. Just as a welcome mat serves as the transition between outdoors and indoors, the mosaic carpet symbolically links the station with the residential community, marking the transition between public and private spaces utilized by CTA riders.

CTA Public Art..

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alkuhn1 said...

Hi Jyoti, Harvey's "Carpet" is stunning. Thanks for celebratin the CTA's art program. You are a Chicago treasue. Best, Al Kuhn