Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CTA Arts-in-Transit: Paulina [Transitions - by Barbara Cooper]

By Barbara Cooper
2009 / Mosaic: Hand-cut glass
Sculpture: Riveted brass and stainless-steel sheeting
Location: CTA Station: Paulina [Brown Line]
Under the CTA Arts-in-Transit program,
where CTA stands for Chicago Transit Authority..

The CTA website describes..
Transitions comprises a suspended sculpture and a mosaic, which form an artistic dialogue.
“Transitions is intended to mirror the fluid, ephemeral, high-energy cellular neighborhoods of the city and the connections and intersections
between them, which public transportation facilitates…[it] references not only passage to different physical places, but also to other states of being and points in time.”
—Barbara Cooper

CTA Public Art..

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Anonymous said...

The mosacis,the transit imspried one is terrific. as are the free standing ones resembling featureless folks with lovely skins. Michael M.