Friday, November 11, 2011

CTA Arts in Transit: Sedgwick Station [Time is the Enemy - by Carlos "Dzine" Rolon..]

Time is the Enemy..
By Carlos Dzine Rolos..
2009 /Venetian glass, marble and stone mosaic..
Location: CTA Station: Sedgwick [Brown Line]
Under the CTA Arts-in-Transit program,
where CTA stands for Chicago Transit Authority..

Infused with a spirit of playful escapism, this mural offers a breath of otherworldly dimensions in a familiar setting. The texture of hand-cut Venetian glass, assembled in a traditional, painstaking process, contrasts with the animation and energy of the composition. Mirrored glass adds movement to this rhythmic and flowing work befitting Old Town’s history as an artistic and counter-cultural enclave.

CTA Public Art..

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