Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LSE: 2011 [Burst - by Dusty Flowarczny]

By Dusty Folwarczny
10’ x 22” x 22” / Recycled Steel
Location: Sheridan/Sheffield and Dakin
Sponsor: East Lake View Neighbors..

From the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit [LSE} website..
For Dusty Folwarczny the salvaged steel ring is not a signature medium but a lexicon. Folwarczny uses the image over and over, each time with new and beautiful meaning; writing and rewriting poetry with her limited alphabet. Folwarczny, a Truman State educated artist whose father owned a steel company, has worked with salvaged steel for many years.

Her newest work, “Burst” tells a story that is nuclear. It is atomic. It’s a solar hot, static work of curving steel. The piece combines rings of various size and shape to create another solid, industrial, attractive work by the Chicago based artist...

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