Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reviving my website on The Art Institute of Chicago

Little Dancer Aged Fourteen - By Edgar Degas
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December is an extremely busy month for me. I hardly get any time to blog, and even less time to venture out with my camera, exploring places and documenting public art. So, off late, I have been reviving my blog on the Art Institute of Chicago.. which, apart from having a world class art-collection, is more of like an academic institution for learning art history.
Here are some of the updates..

Vater Staat - by Thomas Schutte..
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Bronze Woman No. 17 - by Thomas Schutte..
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Architectural Fragments from Title Guarantee Bldg. - by Eames and Young..
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America Windows by Marc Chagall..
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Picasso's women and their tragic tales..
This remains my viewers all-time fav. post.
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Art Institute of Chicago..

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