Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Fifty Year Career Retrospective: Works by Judie Anderson

A Fifty Year Career Retrospective: Works by Judie Anderson
Location: John H. Vaderpoel Gallery Ridge Park Fieldhouse
April 1 to April 30
Hours: Tuesday- Thursday: 1-4 pm, Saturday: 10- 2pm

Judie Anderson is a retired Art Director / Illustrator at Chicago Tribune..

Gallery Overview..

Gallery Overview..

John H. Vaderpoel Gallery

Monday, April 23, 2012

Arbor Day project: Trees tagged with eco-dollar value

Chicago area trees tagged with eco-dollar value..
For more click here..

This is something I would love to learn, photograph and document more..
Any information is welcome..

Friday, April 20, 2012

CSI Installation at Bridgeport Art Center

You Can't Keep a Down Man Good - by Ted Sitting Crow Garner
2008 / Painted Steel

Scrape - by Dusty Folwarczny
2010 / Steel, Polymer

Solar Needle - by Terrence Karpowicz
2007 / Granite, Steel.

- By Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Cercatore - by Ron Gard
2008 / Bronze, Stainless Steel and concrete

Die Schonen und Verdammten - by John Sauve
2011 / Steel

Information reqd. ???

3 Bars - by Jason Verbeek
2008 / Limestone and Stainless Steel..

Deconstruct- reconstruct - by Michael D. Brown
2009 / Indiana limestone

Sarah Palin Tea Party - by Taylor Wallace
2011 / Steel

Facing Forward - by Kai Schulte
2008 / Stainless Steel

Double D - by Charles Yost
2010 / Steel, Stainless steel

Ares - by Bobby Je Scribner
2009 / Steel

Information reqd. ???

My Victory - by Mike Helbing
2004 / Stainless Steel

Daredevil - by Robert Craig
2007 / Steel

Victory in Flight - by Mike Helbing
2009 / Stainless Steel

Machine parts with Pipes - by Charles Yost
2010 / Aluminium & Stainless steel

Sensing, Freedom - by Bill McGarth
2012 / Steel, chain and glass

Bridgeport Art Center

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'll Be Back

No - I have not become lazy!!
No - I have not abandoned this website!!
In fact, I am working very very hard on a city exhibition, which is taking a lot of my time. And, I think, it's worth it!!!
Do check out the website, which is growing every day..
Richard Harris Art Collection..

Richard Harris Art Collection..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Indianapolis [DePew Memorial Fountain]

Depew Memorial Fountain
Dedicated Sept. 13, 1919.
Sculpture: bronze; Basin: granite.

Sculptor: Alexander Stirling Calder [1870-1945]
Designed: Karl Bitter [1867-1915]
Architect: Henry Bacon [1866-1924]

The Smithsonion American Art Museum catalog informs..
The fountain, which cost $50,000, was given to the City of Indianapolis by Mrs. Emma Ely Depew in memory of her husband Dr. Richard Johnson Depew. Commissioned by Mrs. Depew, Karl Bitter created the design for the fountain, but was killed in a traffic accident in 1915 before he could finish the work. Although Bitter's overall design was carried out, the fountain is largely the work of Alexander Stirling Calder who took over the project after Bitter's death. Architect Henry Bacon designed the architectural setting for the sculpture, and Calder modeled the figures and oversaw the execution of the fountain. In completing the fountain, Calder made substantial changes to the character and grouping of the figures

Naiad surmounting the fountain is shown as clashing her cymbals as she dances in wild abandon. In Greek mythology, Nainad were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks.

The two-tier granite fountain has bronze Naiad on the top and the lower-tier has eight bronze figures dancing around the center of the fountain basin.

On the two sides of the fountain are the sculptures of Pan and Syrinx..click here..

The building in the background is the Indiana World War Memorial..

Indiana World War Memorial, with the Pro Patria statue by Henry Hering..

From the Indiana government website ..

The statue is of a young man draped in an American flag reaching heavenward. Hering stated "I have attempted to embody in this memorial, the spirit rather than material concept of a soldier-- to give the figure an expression of all there is in humanity of aspiration, valor, renunciation and the perpetuation of the memory of the patriot fighting for the right. I include peace also, for the left hand raised in exultation also may snatch the olive branch." The statue is 24' high and weighs approximately seven tons. It was the largest sculptured bronze casting ever made in America at that time.

I have to go back to Indianapolis, to cover many more sculptures and memorials..