Friday, April 20, 2012

CSI Installation at Bridgeport Art Center

You Can't Keep a Down Man Good - by Ted Sitting Crow Garner
2008 / Painted Steel

Scrape - by Dusty Folwarczny
2010 / Steel, Polymer

Solar Needle - by Terrence Karpowicz
2007 / Granite, Steel.

- By Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Cercatore - by Ron Gard
2008 / Bronze, Stainless Steel and concrete

Die Schonen und Verdammten - by John Sauve
2011 / Steel

Information reqd. ???

3 Bars - by Jason Verbeek
2008 / Limestone and Stainless Steel..

Deconstruct- reconstruct - by Michael D. Brown
2009 / Indiana limestone

Sarah Palin Tea Party - by Taylor Wallace
2011 / Steel

Facing Forward - by Kai Schulte
2008 / Stainless Steel

Double D - by Charles Yost
2010 / Steel, Stainless steel

Ares - by Bobby Je Scribner
2009 / Steel

Information reqd. ???

My Victory - by Mike Helbing
2004 / Stainless Steel

Daredevil - by Robert Craig
2007 / Steel

Victory in Flight - by Mike Helbing
2009 / Stainless Steel

Machine parts with Pipes - by Charles Yost
2010 / Aluminium & Stainless steel

Sensing, Freedom - by Bill McGarth
2012 / Steel, chain and glass

Bridgeport Art Center


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful visual document you created of the first exhibit in the BAC Sculpture Garden!! I am both happy for you as well as for the artists!!! You've brought their work to the world. Many thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Once again Thank you for adding substance to our show. Our work will one day move on,and all that will be left for us to reflect on will be yours. We the artist as well as the public are truly lucky to have such a dedicated and talented individual as yourself
Thank You for all you do!
Jason Verbeek

Anonymous said...

You do such wonderful work, a talented artist supporting other talented artists. Thanks for the pleasures of both! al kuhn