Friday, May 11, 2012

CANstruction 2012 - The Award Winners

2012 CANstruction Chicago:
A-can-emy Awards
  Local and National Award Winners

Main categories: [Local Awards]
  • Crowd Favorite
  • Most Creative Name
  • Most Cans Used
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository Award
  • AIA/SEAOI Award - Make No Small Cans
  • Whole Foods Market Chicago Award

Crowd Favorite: “A Healthy Balance,” 4,030 cans
KJWW Engineering Consultants / VOA / Berglund Construction..

Most Creative Name:  “Feed the Hungry Not the Meters,” 6,200 cans
Eckenhoff Saunders Architects / W.E. O’Neil

Most cans used: “The V8 Summit,” 10,161 cans
The V8 summit wins another nother Award..
Greater Chicago Food Depository Award

AIA/ SEAOI Award - Make No Small Cans: “InterCANnected,” 6,000 cans

Whole Foods Market Chicago Award: “Hole Foods,” 3,152 cans
Harley Ellis Devereaux / AVI-SPL


Main categories: [Local Awards]
  • Honerable Mention #1
  • Honorable Mention #2
  • Best Meal
  • Best Use of Lables
  • Structural Ingenuity
  • Jurors' Favorite

Honorable Mention #1: “Block Out Hunger,” 9,216 cans
RJN Group, Inc.

Honorable Mention #2: "Nuts About Fighting Hunger,” 3,508 cans
Alfred Benesch & Company

Best Meal:   “Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, A beaCAN of hope,” 2,455 cans
Hirsch Associates LLC, C.E. Anderson & Associates

Best use of Labels: “HUNGER is Not a Game,” 3,493 cans
OKW Architects, Inc.

Structural Ingenuity: “InterCANnected,” 6,000 cans

Jurers Favorite: “A Healthy Balance,” 4,030 cans
 KJWW Engineering Consultants / VOA / Berglund Construction

2012 Canstruction Chicago Local and National Award Winners

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