Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alterpolitan : An Indoor Sculpture Garden [at Inland Steel Bldg.]

Alterpolitan; An Indoor Sculpture Garden
Presented by the Chicago Loop Alliance, Noisivelvet and Art Advisory, Ltd
Curated by Susan Blackman
Temporary Exhibit: May 3  to  May 26 , 2012..
Location: Inland Steel Bldg.
Noisivelvet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for the arts and artists making public work.

Alterpolitan includes sculptures by 17 artists: Andrew Arvanetes, Barbara Cooper, Barry Tinsley, Mike Baur, Corinne D. Peterson, Darrin Hallowell, Derick Malkemus, Elena Rakochy, Bob Emser, Eric W. Stephenson, Jason Verbeek, John Hatlested, John Himmelfarb, Mike Helbing, Ron Gard, Terry Karpowicz and Victoria Fuller.

Darrin Hallowell - Self Portrait Chauvet
2005-12/ Iron Oxide

Barry Tinsley - Red Walker
2011/ Aluminum & Stainless Steel

John Himmelfarb - Blue Motive
2011 /woodblock prints on blocks of wood

John Himmelfarb - The Road to Herron
2011 /woodblock prints on blocks of wood

John Himmelfarb - Mesa
2011 / Bronze

Terry Karpowicz - Leaving the Nest
1992 / Steel, wood, stone

Ron Gard - H2H
2009 / 100+ year old Fire Warehouse beam

Jason Verbeek - Tathered
2010 / Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Grass..

Victoria Fuller - Knob Job and the Power Box
2011/ wood, doorknobs & sockets 

Elena Rakochy - Untitled
2011 / Stoneware

Corinne D. Peterson - Flow, Here I Stand, Blue, Fog, Sand
2010 / Stoneware
 Bob Emser - Wind of Change
2010 / Stainless Steel, Painted Aluminum

Eric W. Stephenson - Squirm
1996 / Welded steel, plexiglass & rubber..

Andrew Arvanetes - Quest
1997 / Bronze

Barbara Cooper - Rupture
2006 / Cast iron

Derick Malkemus - Bounce
2006 / cast aluminum, stainless steel

John Hatlestad - Wind of Change
2010/ Stainless stell, painted aluminum

Mike Helbing - Mike's Raintree
2010 / Stainless steel

Mike Baur - Artesian 2
2008 / Steel and concrete

Mike Baur - Redwing
2008 / Steel and concrete

Mike Baur - Aerial
2010 / steel, concrete & copper

Please point out any mistakes in names, spelling or any other mistake..


elena said...


Great pictures. Thank you!

My last name is Rakochy. Susan had it spelled wrong at the show.

Elena Rakochy

Jyoti said...

Thanks Elena - I corrected it!

Anonymous said...

Just AWESOME! As you!

Terry said...

Havn't seen this exhibit as yet, but thanks again to you my appetite is now wet to see it!!!

Andrew Arvanetes said...

Hi Jyoti!
Thank you for the pictures and for sharing them in your blog...!

Andrew Arvanetes

Anonymous said...

You do such wonderful work and bring so much beauty and imagination to all of us. Thanks for the show! Al Kuhn