Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rockford [Sinnissippi Guardian - by Terry Karpowicz]

The Sinnissippi Guardian looks over our community as citizens enjoy parks,
play and fun for the next century.

The Sinnissippi Guardian - by Terry Karpowicz
A gift by the citizens of the Rockford Park District
 to celebrate its 100th year: 2009
Location: Rock River Rec Path, Rockford, IL

From the Rock Park District brochure..

Powder coated and coiled steel
140 x 36 x 50"' / 1,000-1,200 lbs.
Dedicated to the community in 2009, the Sinnissippi Guardian stands in celebration of the Rockford Park District's centennial celebration. The piece is installed on concrete base which extends 30-foot above the ground and is stained with patina material. the artist is especially drawn to the interactions of wind, water, sunlight and gravity on natural material.

Rock River Rec Path.. click here..

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