Saturday, August 11, 2012

Loop [Plant a Garden - by Douglas Hoerr]

Plant a Garden - by Douglas Hoerr
Location: Presedential Towers Plaza
Looks like a relic from the "Cool Globes" exhibit in here..

Plant a Garden - by Artist: Douglas Hoerr
Get in touch with the earth by growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Instead of buying produce that has been packaged and shipped, enjoy homegrown fruits and vegetables–fresh from the garden to the table. Even those without a backyard can green their neighborhood by working in a community garden.
More than 2,000 colorful seed packets envelop this globe as it rises like a flower from a terracotta style pot filled with live plants. Gardens absorb carbon dioxide, reduce the amount of energy from the sun that is retained by paved surfaces, and slow rainwater flow into storm-water sewer systems. They also help people actively tend the earth and tune in to its changes. The artist demonstrates that planting a garden need not be a huge endeavor. Even a small pot or container garden can make an impact.
Sponsor: Sidley Austin Foundation

Cool Globes.. click here..

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