Tuesday, September 25, 2012

EXPO CHGO 2012 [Few randomly selected sculptures]

La bete a deux dos - by Theo Mercier
Galerie Gabrielle Maubrie

The Bear - by Tony Tasset
Kavi Gupta Gallery

By Jim Nutt
David Nolan Gallery

Information Reqd.
Museum of Contemporary Art [MCA}

Smoking Cigarette #1 - by Tom Wesselmann
Galerie Gmurzynska

By Jaume Plensa
Galerie Lelong
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Untitled # 1242 [Black Snowflake] - by Petah Coyne
Galerie Lelong
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By Carole Feuerman
International Sculpture Center.. [ISC]
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The Welcoming Hands - by Louis Bourgeois

Gallerie Karsten Greve AG [Cologne, Paris, St. Moritz]
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Silent Music - by Jaume Plensa
In/ Situ
Courtesy of Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago and New York
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