Monday, October 15, 2012

IMA [Geometry of Light - by Alyson Sholtz]

Geometry of Light - by Alyson Shotz
 cut plastic Fresnel lens sheets, silvered glass beads, stainless steel wire..
Location: Indianapolis Museum of Art [IMA]
From the IMA website .. click here..
Shotz’s works are grounded in her investigation of scientific concepts and theories. Geometry of Light is a consideration of the dual nature of light—that it has the characteristics of both a particle and a wave. The sculpture is composed of hand-cut plastic Fresnel lenses (magnifying lenses ridged with concentric circles to focus light), which are interspersed with glass beads and strung on stainless steel wires that extend across the space. Natural light filters through the lenses at varying angles and intensities throughout the day, activating the work and allowing the sculpture to reveal time through the movement of the sun. A visitor’s movement around Geometry of Light further activates the sculpture, revealing the ways in which our experience of space is shaped by our perception of light and motion.


terry said...

Good work on exposing this new work to us! Thanks again

Cryn said...

WOW. These are amazing!
I'm just wondering if you take all these pictures yourself...?

Scott R Chamberlain said...

Just Beautiful!

Jyoti said...

@ Terry - It's beautiful!!! Thanks for your comment!

@ Erinky/ Eri - Wonderful indeed!
About photographs, YES, I take all the pictures myself. In this blog, as well as my other blogs. including butterflies and flowers. All are taken by me!!!

@ Scott - Thank You!!!