Monday, October 8, 2012

IMA [Numbers 0-9 - by Robert Indiana]

Numbers 0-9 by Robert Indiana
Location: Indianapolis Museum of Art [IMA]
Ten painted aluminum sculptures
Created between 1980-1983
Their construction took place at the former Lippincott Foundry in North Haven, Connecticut.  

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the sculpture was commissioned by Melvin Simon and Associates (now Simon Property Group) to mark the Indianapolis-based real estate investment company’s 20th anniversary. The 10 sculptures first were shown individually and in groups in Simon properties throughout the country. When creating Number 0-9, Indiana instructed that the complete series eventually be given to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Simon gifted Number 0-9 to the Museum in 1988.
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Indiana’s original concept was inspired by a 19th-century print “The Life and age of man, stages of man's life from the cradle to the grave” which was given to Indiana in the 1970s. In the 2002 New York Times preview of several Indiana exhibits that took place in 2003,  the numbers and their colors were identified to represent the stages of man in this way:
1, red and green: birth;
2, blue and green: infancy
3, orange and blue: youth
4, red and yellow: adolescence
5, blue and white: pre-prime of life
6, red and green: prime of life
7, blue and orange: early autumn
8, orange and purple: autumn
9, yellow and black: warning
0, shades of gray: death.
1:  Red and Green: Birth
2: Blue and Green: Infancy
3. Orange and Blue: Youth
4: Red and Yellow: Adolescence
5: Blue and White: Pre-prime of life
6: Red and Green: Prime of Life
7: Blue and Orange: Early Autumn
8: Orange and Purple: Autumn
9: Yellow and Black: Warning

0: Shades of Gray: Death

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