Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vector and Friends: The Art of Fabricating [Part I]

The 23rd International Sculpture Conference [ISC]
was held at Chicago
October 4, 2012 - to - October 6, 2012

Chicago Sculpture International [CSI],
an affilitae of ISC organized many sculpture shows,
both indoors and outdoors] throughout the city for this event.

Vector Fabricating, Inc. is a key player in fabrication of sculptures in Chicago, and beyond. Many artists have employed the services of Vector. As an expression of gratitude, Vector organized a public event: Vector and Friends: The Art of Fabricating.
It included Pig Roast and Fire Carnival. And was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!
[For information on Vector Fabricating, Inc. click here..]


Here is an excerpt from the invitation..
Vector Custom Fabricating: Pig Roast & Exhibit
Vector Custom Fabricating is taking the occasion of the ISC Conference in Chicago to express it's gratitude to all the artists that have employed its services over the past 34 years. Vector is an artist owned and operated company specializing in the fabrication of sculpture. An exhibit showcasing its long history of collaborations will accompany a Pig Roast featuring beer from a local brewery. This celebration is open to all attendees of the ISC conference. Vector is located in an industrial neighborhood dating back to the 1850's. Transportation is not provided for this event. Located just 15 minutes west of the Loop.
This late-night "Carnival of Fire" will include an iron pour, glass blowing, fire spinning, fire breathing, fire hooping, and more, focusing on this use of fire as a sculptural element.


Metal Pour at Vector Fabricating

PART II:  Fire Carnival  involving..
 Iron Pour,  Aluminum Pour and Glass Blowing,
and also Professional Fire Performers with Pig Roast and Drinks!!!  
For  many images of Fire Carnival  click here..

Erik Lowe with his sculpture Ratbo

PART IIISmall- Scale Sculptures and Maquettes..
by artists who have employed the services of Vector, and
 artists who provide those services on behalf of Vector .

Now coming to PART I , general images from the day..

 From left: [???] Steve Mueller and Erik Lowe
Vector and Friends
From left.. Jaci Willis, Fisher Stolz, Terry Karpowicz and Steve Mueller

Barry Hehemann

Mike Baur
I always wanted to meet him. This is the first time I met Mike Baur,
and was very happy to know, he knew me.

Derick Malkemus

 Eric W. Stephenson

Kelly Ludeking

 J. Taylor Wallace

Bob Emser and Dusty Folwarczny

Eric Gushee, Elena Rakochy and Jason Hawk

Part I:  Vector and Friends: The Art of Fabricating.. click here..
Part II: Fire Carnival at Vector Fabricating.. click here..
Part III: Maquettes and Small-Scale sculptures.. click here..

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