Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Afternoon to Remember, with Christine Rojek and Ed McCullough

Ed McCullough at Shaw's Crab House
Monday, Dec. 10, 2012
[At Shaw's Crab House]
Lunch with Christine Rojek and Ed McCullough. 
A lunch I will always remember!!!
Thank You Christine Rojek for honoring me as an artist
and Ed MuCullough for the full throated endorsement!!!
I had a Great Day!  

Ed McCullough and Christine Rojek at Shaw's Crab House
Let me put some context as to why this afternoon was so very important to me.. When Christine Rojek, an accomplished Chicago artist, participated in the Chicago Artist Month, she got a gift-certificate to take an artist to lunch; and she chose me!  That's an honor! Thank You! Ed McCullough, another very talented sculptor and a long time friend of ours joined us.
What a wonderful company to spend the afternoon with!!
A leisurely chat with two extremely talented artists, ranging from current installations to past exhibitions, talking about some great masters and their masterpieces, about Chicago and it's place in artworld.. over some great food and drinks!!!

I don't know how much I believe myself to be an artist!!??!!
I consider myself to be a documentarian, interested mostly in Public Art in Chicago.. from a very layman's perspective! What started mostly as a hobby, photographing and chronicling sculptures; earned me some great commissions, and I am very proud of them. And I Thank everyone who trusted me to hire me for services.
And if noted artists of Chicago, accept me as an artist, I will take it!!!
However, for people who dont know me personally and only read my blog; I have to clarify;  my art is not in creating 3-D sculptures, but in photographing and documenting them and in this way recording and chronicling them for future references. 
I do not like taking pictures of people having food. But I had to record this event, so just took few photos, and all these wee before we started eating. And I will add, the food was awesome. We had wine, martini for Ed, soup, and some great seafood, complete with desserts and coffee!
I would say Shaw's Crab House is a place to relax and enjoy some good sea food!


Anonymous said...

Jodi, You are an artist and one of Chicago's major treasures. You have enriched the lives of Chicagoans everywhere. Thanks!! Al Kuhn

Jyoti said...

Thank You Al!
I much appreciate!!!

elena said...

What an honor, and well deserved.

Jyoti said...

Thanks Elena!