Monday, February 6, 2023

Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Fountain (1999)

Chicago Board of Trade Fountain

Location: 141 W. Jackson Boulevard

The Board of Trade building's Art Deco doors inspired the design of the fountain.

Constructed as part of 1999 Public Fountain Program.

What is Public Fountain Program?

In 1999, the City of Chicago and the Public Building Commission (PBC) teamed up to construct and renovate 18 fountains throughout the city. It is part of a continuing neighborhood beautification effort. The city's plazas and radial streets that form triangles are now graced by new fountains, and older fountains were restored or replaced. 

Because the fountains are long term community landmarks, the PBC engaged neighborhood organizations, alderman offices, and residents in the planning and design process.  

Fountain plazas are enhanced with seating area and planters, so they become a welcoming space for people to gather to read a book or have lunch or coffee.

Source: PBC website


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