Thursday, February 9, 2023

Pyrix (1981) - by Bruce White

Pyrix - by Bruce White


Enameled aluminum / 24 ft H x 32 ft W

Location: 4th District Fire Station
4900 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago

Commissioned by the City of Chicago Percent for Art program.

 "Illinois sculptor Bruce White has long been fascinated by astronomy. His PYXIS abstract sculpture shares the name of a constellation of stars in our solar system. Its vertical orientation and striking architectural scale draw the eye upward, past the building fa├žade, and provide a dynamic link between the building, the ground and the sky. The sculpture’s clean lines and smooth blue enameled surface create a bold accent against the deep red painted steel exterior of the fire station."
Source: City of Chicago Public Art website

Pyrix (1981) - by Bruce White

Pyrix (1981) - by Bruce White

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