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Chicago Sculpture International [CSI]

The CSI General Membership Meeting
Feb 2011, Ogden Avenue

Founding Members of CSI .. click here
Established in the year 2004, the Chicago Sculpture International [CSI], a non-profit organization, is an affiliate of the International Sculpture Center [ISC].  Founding members are Terry Karpowicz, Bob Emser, Nicole Beck, Christine Rojek, Tom Scarff and Barry TinselyOver the years, CSI has grown to more than 200 members.. click here..
The year 2012 is especially significant for CSI as the 23rd International Sculpture Conference
is to be held in Chicago in Oct. 2012..
Date: October 4, 2012 - to - October 6, 2012..
  • Chicago Cultural Center [78 E Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60602].. and..
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago  [37 S Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603

In preparation for the 23rd International Sculpture Conference, CSI is organizing many activities including Indoor and Outdoor exhibits..

Hal Fisher Stolz, Chief Coordinator of Outdoor Exhibits
Here Fisher is seen with his work, at Grant Park, along Lake Michigan

Outdoor  Exhibits [Temporary]...
There are 54 sculptural installations  between Museum Campus and Belmont Harbor, along the Lakefront and in Lincoln Park. I am dividing the coverage into four parts..
Part I: Grant Park  [along the Lakefront] ..  click here..
Part II: Lincoln Park .. click here.. 
Part III: Lincoln Park..  click here..
Part IV:  Diversey Harbor &  Belmont Harbor [yet to photograph]

CSI has partnered with CSE for the upcoming conference..
where CSE is Chicago Sculpture Exhibit [erstwhile Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit / LSE]

CSE Kickoff Party:
at Sedgwick Studio.. July 20, 2012
2012: CSE kickoff party at Sedgwick Studio.. click here..


Feb, 2011:  CSI General Membership Meeting [Ogden Ave] click here..
July, 2010: CSI Membership Meeting [Garfield Park] .. click here..

Finish - by Terrence Karpowicz
at 2012, Oak Park Sculpture Walk..

Temporary Exhibits by CSI
  • June 2012: CSI Temporary Exhibit, "Oak Park Sculpture Walk".. click here..
  • April, 2012: CSI Temporary Exhibit at Bridgeport Art Center.. click here..
  • October, 2011: CSI Temporary Exhibit  at Garfield Park  "Under the Golden Dome" click here..
  • November, 2010: CSI exhibit at IIT, "InvIITational".. click here..

Installation of "Flappers" - by Ruth Aizuss Migdal
at Art Chicago 2011, Merchendise Mart, "Avenue of Sculpture".

ART Chicago, at Merchandise Mart
April 2011: Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart

"Scrape" -  by Dusty Folwarczny
at Art Chicago, 2010, Merchandise Mart, "Countercurrents".

April 2010: Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart..

Vivian Visser and other CSI members
2010: "Form in Flora" at Garfield Park

Form in Flora
2011: Form in Flora at Lincoln Park .. click here
2010: Form in Flora at Garfield Park

Shapes and Spaces: Ron Gard Sculptures
Temporary Exhibit 2012 at Cliff Dwellers
Cliff Dwellers
2012: Shapes and Spaces: Ron Gard Sculptures .. click here..
2011: A Celebration of Form", by Terrence Karpowicz.. click here..
2011: A Small Sample, by Derick Malkemus.. click here..
2010: Small-Scale Sculptures - by Various Artists of Vector Fabricating.. click here..
2010: Organic Sculptures - by Vivian Visser.. click here..
More updates, as I got time..

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