Saturday, June 2, 2007

Native Americans

Sometime in March, 2010, I had begun researching on a very interesting theme..
Native American Representation in the Public Art Square of here..
It will be my an ongoing endeavour to highlight whatever materials I get on this theme, including their customs and traditions which find expressions in art form.. However although I began my probe into the realm of Public Art, I will enlarge the scope into whatever art form I get, including architecture, in the form of architectural sculptures..

# Native American in Art Scene of Chicago [INTRODUCTION]..
# A Signal of Peace - by Cyrus Edwin Dallin..
# The Indian Alarm - By John J. Boyle..
# The Sun Vow - By Hermon Atkins MacNeil..
# The Moqui Runner - By Hermon Atkins MacNeil..
# Pocahontas - By Joseph Mozier..
# On the War Trail - By Alexander Proctor..
# End of Trail - James Earle Fraser..
# Article: Domestication of Dogs..
# Totem Pole: Big Beaver...
# The Marquette Building..
# Jacques Marquette Memorial - By Hermon Atkins MacNeil..
# Illinois Centennial Monument..
# Lakeside Press pressmark..

# ..

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