Saturday, June 2, 2007

Special Projects

What are Special Projects?
What exactly are "special projects" ... I could not find the answer ...
I am guessing, it refers to temporary exhibits ...

However I could find some information on the the projects implemented as special projects ... The Public Art Program oversees special projects that further contribute to the cultural enrichment of Chicago by creating and placing artwork in public and occasionally unexpected sites.

The city's first large-scale temporary project was "Botero in Chicago" [1994]. This was followed by "Horses, Rabbits, People Everywhere" [1996]. However, perhaps the most broadly known temporary project was "Cows on Parade" [1999]. This was followed two years later by "Suite Home Chicago" [2001], an exhibition that brought suits of fiberglass furniture to the strees. Other special project includes "America's Courtyard" by Denise Milan and Amy Perez, which is a permanent installation, south of the Adler Planitarium ... and the temporary "Three Forms for Chicago" by David Nash, both in the Museum Campus.

Two special projects utilizing the unique feature of Chicago River cutting through the heart of the city, were especially popular. Herbert Migdoll's "Swimmers" [2002]was composed of four 60-foot long depiction of swimmers installed alongside the river. Nancy Van Meer's monumental paintings were installed on the underside of the State Street Bridge and only visible to the general public when the bridge was raised, but visible at all times to anyone on a boat.

So Special Projects includes:
# Botero in Chicago: 1994
# Horses, Rabbits, People Everywhere: 1996
# Cows on Parade: 1999
# Suite Home Chicago: 2001
# America's Courtyard: by Denise Milan and Ary Perez
# Three Forms for Chicago: by David Nash
# Swimmers: 2002 by Herbert Migdoll
# Nancy Van Meer's monumental paintings ..

Some Special Projects [of Public Art program] as shown in this blog includes:
# Bronze Cow .. click here ..
# Heymarket Memorial .. click here ...
# Three forms for Chicago ... click here ...
# America's Courtyard ... click here ...

The Chicago Public Art Guide .. by Department of Cultural Affairs ...

For policies that shape public art in Chicago .. click here ...

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