Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dawn Shadow ... Public Art???

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Dawn Shadow by Louise Nevelson
Location: 200 W. Madison Ave ..

Few days back I went to take photographs of this sculpture Dawn Shadow ... I approached the person on the reception desk to take permission to take it's photographs ... I was told that photography is not allowed!!!!

hmmm... I fail to understand why photography of a huge sculpture, which is said to be a part of Chicago "Public" Art collection is not allowed???? I think more and more people should be aware of these art pieces if they are part of public art collection of the city of Chicago.

Check out ... Louise Nevelson (Dawn Shadows) ...

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Roy said...

I was in the lobby last week and was allowed to take as many photos as I wanted.
You should go back since, in addition to the Nevelson, there is additional art in the lobby by Dan Cheetham & Michelle Tarsney that was installed April 2016.