Sunday, December 2, 2007

Riverwalk Gateway [Murals VIII: The Columbian Exposition] - by Ellen Lanyon

Riverwalk Gateway...
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Mural VIII: The Columbian Exposition..

1893: The World's Columbian Exposition, considered the greatest world's fair in history, was located on a 686-acre wasteland that was transformed by America's finest architects, landscape designers, and artists into a wonderful city of neoclassical palaces set amidst canals, lagoons, and lawns. Jackson Park, the Museum of Science and Industry and a smaller reproduction of "The Republic" statue are south side landmarks that are among the legacies of the wondrous "White City." The fair attracted twenty-eight million people, the equivalent of forty-five percent of the nation's population in 1893.

On Chicago Day, October 9, 1893, more than 760,000 visitors jammed the grounds to mark the anniversary of the Chicago Fire.

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