Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LSE: 2003 [Renaissance Man - by Boban Ilic]

Renaissance Man
Sculptor: Boban Ilic
Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit: 2003
Location: Burton/Wells, 1501 North Wells in the Old Town,
very close to the Old Town gates..
Sponsor: Old Town Merchants & Residents Association..

As described in the official website of Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit..
The exuberant and proud Renaissance Man is at once a classic and modern expression of the 16th century’s famed period of anatomic sculpture and illustration. Employing modern style and technique, the 600-pound, 7-foot sculpture represents happiness and the power of life, complementing its present courtyard home...

*This sculpture seems to have found a permenent place there, although Lakefront Sculptural exhibits are for one year and then they are available for sale ..

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