Thursday, November 10, 2011

CTA Chicago Public Art Group: Roosevelt Station [Hopes and Dreams - by Juan Chavez and Corinne Peterson]

Hopes and Dreams...
Artists: Juan Chavez and Corinne Peterson ..
Description: Carved clay tile and mosaic mural..
Location: CTA Station Roosevelt [Red Line/Orange/Green Line]
CTA Chicago Public Art Group..
Where CTA stands for Chicago Transit Authority..

This 1,600 square feet of mosaic is composed of more that 4,000 tiles It's created by men, women and children on the Museum Campus in the summer of 1999. Participants were asked to create images relating the themes that link the citywide, yearlong cultural exploration of Project Millennium: origins, transitions, new directions, discovery and technology, the environment, and shaping community. They also incorporated their hopes and dreams for the new millennium into their carved tiles. The mosaic design takes the form of a shifting landscape. Tiles shape the clouds, plants, trees, forests, oceans, earth and space. The entire composition can also be seen to be a human figure in nature, symbolizing the constant human search to understand nature, our surroundings, and ourselves.

CTA Public Art..

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