Thursday, November 10, 2011

CTA Arts-in-Transit: Southport Station [Green and Yellow - by Elizabeth Fraiberg]

Green (North Wall)- by Elizabeth Fraiberg..

Green (North Wall) & Yellow (South Wall)
- By Elizabeth Fraiberg
2008 /Transfer-printed glazed ceramic tile
Location: CTA Station: Southport [Brown Line]..
Under the CTA Arts-in-Transit program,
where CTA stands for Chicago Transit Authority..

The abstract imagery of these murals is derived from the artist’s own photographs of the neighborhood surrounding the Southport station,
which she layered and transformed through digital collage. The yellow mural is meant to energize and inspire patrons on their commute into the Loop, while the green mural is intended to impart feelings of coolness and serenity as they return home..

Yellow (Sorth Wall)- by Elizabeth Fraiberg..

CTA Public Art..

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