Saturday, June 27, 2009

AIC: The Nichols Bridgeway

The Nicholas Bridgeway..
By Renzo Piano..

The above image shows the Modern Wing [of the Art Institute of Chicago] from the Millennium Park. These two major tourist attractions have a heavy-traffic street inbetween, the Monroe Street .. and it's only logical that a pedestrian bridgeway connects them. The answer to a seamless transition from the Millennium Park to the Art Institute is the Nicholas Bridgeway ...
This pedestrian bridge opened May 16, 2009..
Architect: Renzo Piano ..
Description: approximately 620 ft long and 15 ft wide.

The Nicholas Bridgeway... this pedestrian bridge begins at the Great Lawn of Millennium Park, crosses over Monroe Street and connects to the third floor of the Modern Wing, the Art Institute of Chicago.

The bridge leads to a cafe with outdoor seating arrangements overlooking the park.

Looking east from the bridge..

Looking west from the bridge..

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While everyone else quips "takes flight" or "soars" you have taken the time to place the Modern Wing in its broader context. Nice job. It is your "global" view that makes your work, always, so valuable. Thanks.

Jyoti said...


I sincerely thank you for this generous compliment ...