Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LSE: 2009 [Bridge - by Jennifer Dickson]

Artist: Jennifer Dickson..
Now at Seneca Park..
Earlier Location: Clark and Lincoln
Description: 4’ x 7.25’ x 3.75’ • Fiberglass with Iron Armature

Earlier I had written that this piece is "Untitled" and scuptor "Unknown"...
Well today I found informatiuon on this piece ... It's part of the Lakeshore Sculptor Exhibit ... It's website describes this piece as .. click here..

The sleek, elongated body can remind the viewer of a gymnast. The title, “Bridge”, brings to mind a more spiritual consideration. The use of a human form as a bridge serves to remind us of the immense potential that we all carry. The seeming lightness of this sculpture parallels its strength and potential.

# Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit .. click here ...
# Official website of Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit, click here ..


Anonymous said...

Steve Johnson of the Tribune here. Writing a piece about public art, wanted to talk to you. Please email me sajohnson@tribune.com.


Jyoti said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for visiting ..
Great talking to you ..
Looking forward to your piece on public art ...

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just came across this. Thanks for your blog