Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LSE: 2009 [Boing - by Michael Grucza]

Boing ..
Sculptor: Michael Grucza ..
Location: Dickens and Lincoln Park West - LP Cultural Center
Description: 8’ x 11’ x 7’ ... Painted Steel Plate
Temporary Exhibit .. [Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit - 2009] ...
Sponsor: Mid-North Association ..

This marker reads ..
This is one of twenty large-scale sculptures on display as part of Lakeshore Sculpture Exhibit [LSE] throughout the 43rd and 44th wards of Chicago. LSE is an Illinois not-for-profit public art program funded entirely by private contributions ..
All sculptures in the exhibit will be avialable for purchase at the conclusion of the show in the spring of 2010 ...
LSE 773-327-911 or 735 W Wrightwood, Chicago 60614 ...

From the website of Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit ... click here ..
"Michael encourages our adult egos to be overwhelmed by the chance to be childish with this over-sized classic, but still playful work. Who can resist the temptation to enter into a work of art? What if you could not only walk into one but encourage the creation of sound at the same time? “BOING!” allows adults to act like children and children to act their age. The large spiral cuts within the giant circles emerge with an additional surprise and color. The bright red of the inside becomes apparent and intrigues the viewer for closer inspection upon entering.

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